International recognition


Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

The OECD lists the CRAFT code as a tool for the application of due diligence to the ASM sector.

It does not imply recognition as OECD-aligned as per the Alignment Assessment.


They use CRAFT as a part of LBMA Refiners toolkit and ASM Self-assessment questionnaire.

This questionnaire has been developed in conjunction with RAGS Forum and CRAFT


Toolkit “advancing reporting on responsible mineral sourcing” by Global Reporting Initiative and Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).

The publication mentions CRAFT within the existing tools to assess due diligence in the ASM sector.

Responsible Jewellery Council

The COP guidance COP guidance for COP 14 Provenance claims (P.124-129) emphasizes:

“CRAFT is a code of progressive compliance for ASM producers. It is up to ASM producers themselves (or a related party) to make a CRAFT claim that can be verified by other parties such as the first buyer.

Downstream companies that want to buy from these ASM producers can use the CRAFT Code for third-party verification if they want to, for example through an RJC-certified provenance claim”.

Levin Sources

Insights Levin sources website “CRAFT is growing in importance as a tool to assist miners to better formalise operations and in turn deliver on industry expectations”

More information

GemFair's Responsible ASM Assurance Programme

Included CRAFT criteria:

Better Sourcing Analysis

mentioned CRAFT in the report Findings Report from the Strengthening Linkages Between Upstream Incident Collection and Risk Management Project. “”CRAFT was the exception among the standards because it provides suggested mitigation measures for common upstream risks””

Alliance for Responsible Mining

Non-profit foundation that, together with RESOLVE, succeeded in the CRAFT tool as a solution to the problem of formalization of the artisanal and small-scale mining sector, as well as to mitigate risks of this sector for the market to connect with miners and mining companies in the sector.


European Partnership for Responsible Minerals