CRAFT, passport to formal markets

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Volume 1. Introduction and general characteristics

Find out about the geographic and organizational scope of products using CRAFT. Get to know the new structure of CRAFT 2.0 and the CRAFT report.

Volume 2. Requirements for ASM Mineral Producers. Commodity-independent Requirements

Contains all te requirements for producers that apply to all minerals without a difference in type of mineral.

Volume 2B. Requirements for ASM Mineral Producers. Commodity-specific Requirements

Contains all the requirements for producers that only apply to specific minerals

Volume 3. Guiding Principles for CRAFT Schemes

Contains the requirements from CRAFT schemes perspective. Clarifies open source characteristics and communications relating CRAFT.

Volume 4. CRAFT 2.0 Orientation Guide

Guidelines for the implementation of CRAFT 2.0

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Introduction et caractéristiques générales.

Exigences pour les producteurs de minéraux ASM. Exigences indépendantes des produits.

Exigences pour les producteurs de minéraux ASM. Exigences spécifiques aux produits

Principes directeurs pour les systèmes CRAFT

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Governance and diverse participation for the development of the CRAFT code

CRAFT Code Advisory Group

The CRAFT Code Advisory Committee contains professionals with different experiences and backgrounds.

CRAFT Code Committee

Artisanal and small-scale miners and miners

Standards Systems or Guiding Organizations

Technical Consultants and Experts

Gold associations or refiners

Non-governmental organizations



CRAFT, passport to formal markets