CRAFT 2.1: Interim revision process (2023)

CRAFT 2.1 Volumes Release Candidate

CRAFT 2.1 Volume 1 Release Candidate

CRAFT 2.1 Volume 2A Release Candidate ​

CRAFT 2.1 Volume 2B Release Candidate

CRAFT 2.1 Volume 3 Release Candidate

CRAFT 2.1 interim revision process key documents

Independent third-party OECD alignment assessment report for CRAFT 2.0.

CRAFT Code 2.1 interim revision ToR

CRAFT Code Committee Specific ToR

Second round of Public Consultation (March-May 2020)

What did the second public consultation consist of?

#MineralsYouCanTrust #PassportToFormalMarkets #EngageWithASM

Why was a second consultation necessary?

ISEAL recommendes at least two rounds of public consultation: Following the standards established by best practices increases the credibility and legitimacy of CRAFT as a tool

In order to expand the reach of CRAFT and maximize its usefulness to the artisanal and small-scale mining sector. The increasing demand for risk-free minerals is a trend that is becoming more and more important.

To improve the code and integrate the lessons learned from the implementation of version 1.0.

CRAFT 2.0 process key documents

Terms of reference CRAFT 2.0
review - June 2019 (Spanish)

CRAFT Advisory Group meeting
July 2019 (English)

CRAFT committee meeting 7 -

CRAFT committee meeting 8 -

Meeting 9 CRAFT committee -

Meeting 10 CRAFT committee -

Comments 2nd consultation (English)

Second consultation synopsis (English)

List of materials used for the consultation

Together we improve confidence in minerals that are extracted in an artisanal way or on a small scale. The improvement of the CRAFT Standard contributes to the connection between miners and formal markets.


Help us make better decisions based on your experience.


To improve we need the market point of view.

Experts for other materials

How to adapt CRAFT to cobalt, 3T, gemstones or coal?


How do we improve CRAFT communications?

Human and workers rights

Are you part of an organization that deals with human rights issues? Do you know about women's and children's rights?

Social Welfare

Get involved with your opinion on conflict areas, security forces, payment of taxes or indigenous rights, among others.

Business governance

To strengthen issues of legal compliance, bribery, money laundering or extortion.

Environment and protection

If you have knowledge about environmental issues.

Contributions to the entire CRAFT Code

It was also possible to comment directly on the entire CRAFT Code document, 
which was proposed in four volumes:

First round of Public Consultation (February-April 2018)

What did the first public consultation consist of?

Following ISEAL's recommendations for standards development

The public consultation was open for 60 days, from February 26 to April 26, 2018.

All interested parties were invited to participate and provide their input, knowledge and experience.

Results of the first consultation of the Code

List of materials used for the consultation

· Different informational materials were created.

· In addition to the online public consultation, face-to-face activities were carried out.

· The image of the CRAFT brand has changed with the beginning of the second consultation.

Contributions to the entire CRAFT Code

It was also possible to comment directly on the entire Code document CRAFT, which was as follows: